Screenings & Selections

Medimed, Spain Selection, October 2016.
Looking forward to Medimed in Barcelona where we’ve been selected for the marketplace.  Great to be bringing it to Zaera-Polo’s native Spain.

Nominated: Best Director of a Feature Documentary Madrid IFF and

Nominated: Best Cinematography in a Documentary also at Madrid IFF.

International Film Festival, Madrid. Selection, July 2016.
Very pleased to have been selected to show in Madrid this summer. We’re sure that featuring Spanish-born Zaera-Polo will be of great local interest.

Archiflix, Sydney Selection, April 2016.
Fantastic that Archiflix is taking the film on tour to Sydney, again screening in a double-feature slot.

Archiflix, MelbourneSelection, February 2016.
Delighted that we’ve been invited to our first festival in the southern hemisphere. Our Australian Premiere sold out within days!

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam Selection, November 2015, Amsterdam.
Great news –  we’ve been selected in Docs For Sale. Looking forward to our first IDFA.

San Diego Design Film Festival. Official Selection, October 2015, California.
Tickets on sale for screening 21st October.

Architecture and Design Film Festival. Official Selection, October 2015, New York.
Proud to be selected for the 7th Annual Festival.  Will be speaking at Q&A alongside our Architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo.  Tickets on sale for two dates in the week of 12th October.  Looking forward to a raft of architectural films long and short.

Lund Architecture International Film Festival. Official Selection, September 2015, Sweden.
Screening in a fabulous venue in one of the oldest seats of learning in Europe.  Playing in a programme packed with architecture documentaries and drama, along with a raft of David Lynch films.  The sublime and surreal!

London Open House. Open House London, September 2015, Greenwich, London.
Public screening with guided tours of the building itself, as part of London’s Architecture Week.  A sense of deja vu since Open House is the event which began the filming.

Podcast Guest. Screensister, December 2014, London.
Interviewed by BAFTA-winning and Emmy-nominated sound editor Adele Fletcher and Writer-Director Steph Wessell, for their industry podcast.

Preview Screening. Cineworld at the O2, December 2014, London.
VIP reception, drinks and Q&A. Great response from the audience. Screening in the cinema opposite the building, and new visitors to the area found themselves looking around with new insight as they made their way home.