What a great film! The audience truly enjoyed it last night.” DISD, Design Institute of San Diego

Good interviews and pulls out the bigger story while also quietly educating.  I am loving it. The cast of characters all fascinating in completely different ways. I particularly like how Alejandro [Zaera-Polo] and Charles [Jencks] almost need to be speaking with each other to be fully revealed.  It needs to find [audiences] with an interest in architecture and good stories.” David Terrien, Editor, Art Review

Under the Skin of Design makes comprehensible both the human and the design problems and never shirks the difficult questions.   You can see even from body language what skirmishes and conflicts there must have been… How could you fail with the totally seductive, velvet-voiced Alejandro [Zaera-Polo]?  Hugely enjoyed, beautiful too.” Marcia Pointon, Professor Emerita in History of Art, University of Manchester

A witty film in a gentle and compassionate kind of way.  Super storytelling. Very honest throughout.  Impressive range of topics and nicely judged pace that keeps the story moving along – lovely the way characters keep reappearing. A genre in itself – how we make sense of events through storytelling.” Director, FiDSpace Consultants

Refreshing and informative look at a completed building. I particularly enjoyed the wide range of topics which we have to deal with as architects so it is useful for others to understand.”  Rupert Cook, BA(Arch) DipArch RIBA, Director, Architecture PLB

Very interesting … surprisingly frank and exposing. That is quite unusual and to be admired for those taking part. I enjoyed the conversations with Charles Jencks.”  Eleanor Magennis, Head of Space Planning, University of Glasgow.