A film about ornament, fashion, conflict & maths

Festivals and markets

This film takes a close look at a building whose unique and ambitious facade has become renowned for its distinctive patterning and mathematical rigour.  However, beneath this external skin, the interior layout is an ambitious experiment in organisational design. This was never going to be simple…


The power of design is when the highly technical serves the story.

Under The Skin Of Design tells the story of award winning architecture where design is used as an agent of change. On one level it is a window into the rarefied world of architectural theory, but beneath this unfolds the story of how people are affected by the project. It gives rare insight into the contrasting perspectives of designer, client and user and shows how design philosophies of a leading architectural practice are actually applied. Warmly human moments and frank interviews reveal not only vision and creativity but also politics and pressure under the skin of a unique new iconic building, taking a fresh look at how people and organisations affect the built environment.

Addressing economic, social and organisational dynamics, aesthetics and buildability, Under the Skin of Design illustrates the power of place in our everyday lives.

With locations including London’s Barbican and Design Museum, and tours during Architecture Week, Under the Skin of Design will appeal to London’s design savvy public and international viewers alike.  Featuring Zaera-Polo (Foreign Office Architects) and theorist Charles Jencks this 60′ documentary addresses architectural theory, practice and education, and organisation and change management.